Edit your videos faster with AutoCut !

In less than a minute, AutoCut cuts all of the silences from an hour-long video and removes them! These cuts will also allow you to optimize the rest of your video editing!

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Design for Premiere Pro

AutoCut automatically makes jumps cuts in less than a minute !

The Premiere Pro AutoCut add-on will allow you to make your entire video experience ultra dynamic without any effort. Every moment of silence can be removed, which is a basic rule when making video content. No more hours spent making jumps cuts, AutoCut will do them automatically for you!

AutoCut fast

Edit your videos faster with an already made cut base

AutoCut is an extension / a plugin that will allow you to speed up your video editing process. Thanks to its silence detection, in addition to being able to delete them, AutoCut creates a cut base to help you manage zooms, animations, transitions, etc... that make your video totally dynamic. AutoCut's automatic jumps cuts also allow you to make your video more dynamic!

Perfectly master the extension / plugin in less than 2 min thanks to our tutorial videos

The AutoCut extension / plugin is very easy to learn. The 6 parameters are explained in detail. They will allow you to speed up your edits considerably.

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AutoCut is now an integral part of my workflow, I can no longer edit without it. AutoCut allows me to disturb much faster and make my videos more dynamic !

Vincent Péchon

Vincent Péchon

Monteur vidéo

AutoCut is the extension I was waiting for! The automatic removal of silences divided by 4 my editing time for my audio books, and greatly accelerated my other projects !

Hugo Fortier

Hugo Fortier

Monteur vidéo

I didn't think this extension could exist, it's great! Easy to use and fast, AutoCut is the perfect extension for all content creators and video editors.

Théo Belnou

Théo Belnou


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