AutoCut Captions


AutoCut Captions is an advanced tool that automates the addition of animated subtitles. With one click, AutoCaptions adds perfectly animated subtitles that follow the pace of the words.

How to use it?

1. Select AutoCut Captions

In the main menu, click on AutoCut Captions.

2. Set up AutoCut Captions

  1. Position your text using the drag & drop feature of the preview
  1. Use the preset that comes closest to your need
  2. Modify the settings you wish (use the preview to anticipate the results)
  3. Enable or disable automatic emojis

3. Select the audio clip and the language of the video

After modifying the settings, you must select the clip on which the subtitles will be based in your timeline. Also define the language of the video.

4. Transcription

AutoCut captions will perform the transcription. This step can be a bit long depending on the length of your video and whether or not you have enabled emojis. We show you your transcription, but you can only modify it when the subtitles have been added to your timeline.

You just have to launch AutoCut Captions!

5. Check your subtitles

After launching AutoCut Captions, you can check the subtitles. We advise you to press "Enter" to pre-render the timeline for smoother playback.

If you want to edit some of the subtitles, just double-click on the Captions subsequence, click on the MOGRT you want to edit and open the Essential Graphics panel (you can open it directly by clicking on Window > Essential Graphics).