AutoCut AI


AutoCut IA is a very simple tool that allows you to cut your videos and remove silence in a few clicks.

You don't need as many settings as for AutoCut V2 which makes it easier to use.

One step, one click, and your video is ready to be cutted !

How it works ?

AutoCut IA is based on an IA solution that will analyze your video and detect silences.

How to use it ?

1. Select AutoCut IA

From the main menu, select the AutoCut IA option.

2. Select the IA aggressiveness

You can choose between 4 levels of aggressiveness.
The higher this level is, the more likely the AI is to detect a silence at a given time. This will result in more cuts or longer silence.

3. Cut your clips !

That all ! Your clips are ready to be cutted !