AutoCut Podcast


AutoCut Podcast is an advanced tool that automates the process of editing video podcasts. This documentation provides guidelines for setting up and using the software effectively.

How to use it ?

1. Select AutoCut Podcast

From the main menu, select the AutoCut Podcast option.

2. Creating a Talker

To use AutoCut Podcast, you need to create a "Talker" for each person speaking in your video podcast. Follow these steps to create a talker:

  1. Click on the "Add a talker" button.
  2. Enter the details of the talker (their name).

3. Assigning Audio and Video Tracks

After creating talkers, you need to assign their respective audio and video tracks. This allows the software to edit the podcast based on the assigned tracks. Follow these steps to assign audio and video tracks:

  1. Select the desired talker from the talkers list.
  2. Locate the video tracks dropdown selector, click on it, and select the relevant video tracks.
  3. Repeat the process for the audio track, and select the relevant audio track (You can only choose one audio track per talker).

4. Setting Maximum and Minimum Camera Time

The software provides the flexibility to set maximum and minimum camera times for a more controlled editing process. By defining these camera time limits, you can ensure that each talker receives an appropriate amount of camera focus. Here's how to set the maximum and minimum camera time:

  1. Open the "Camera time durations" panel.
  2. Enter the desired maximum and minimum camera times in the designated fields.

5. Start editing

After completing the above steps, you can almost start editing the video podcast. You can choose between two editing options:

  1. Edit and disable unused clips. (default)
  2. Edit and delete unused clips.

Simply click on the arrow located on the "Edit" button to select the desired editing option.


In case you encounter any issues while using AutoCut Podcast, refer to the troubleshooting section