How to make your first AutoCut

Once you have validate your key, you can start to make your first AutoCut.

Step 1 : Preview & Noise Level

Noise Level

The noise level is used to detect the silence. Every sound below this level will be considered as a silence.

Noise level


Preview is used to see the result of your AutoCut settings before to cut your video by showing where are silence.


Step 2 : Silence duration

The first step is to define the silence & short talk duration.

Silence size

The silence duration is the minimum duration (in seconds) of a silence to be removed.

Talk time

The talks duration define the minimum duration (in seconds) of a talk to be kept.

Silence & talks size

Step 3 : Paddings

Paddings are the duration (in seconds) added before and after each cut.

Paddings size

Step 4 : Cut

Once you are satisfied with your settings you can click on the Cut button and start to cut your video.

Congratulations ! You have made your first AutoCut ! πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰