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What is Jump Cuts ?

Auteur : Adrian Guery | Catégorie : Premiere Pro, Jump Cuts, Tutorial

Jump cut is basically deleting a dead space, a pause, between 2 sentences to keep the video running in a continuous flow. For example, the time when we do amm, aaaa, aahhh and things like that while talking or when we need to have a look at our notes or our script and continue talking.

Jump cuts are usually used to get rid of the extra time in the video and to keep the viewer fully engaged but cutting off all the unnecessary parts. For example a 50minutes raw video can be shortened to 20minutes by using jump cuts and getting rid off of all the useless parts.

Despite Jump cuts being so useful, there are still alot of people who hate them and get annoyed with them so we have to be as professional with them as possible to minimize that. We will explain about how to work with it in our next article.

Here is a video, from BMAC video content creator, which can help you to create those professional jump cuts and to make the flow of your video as great as possible...


Further more, a jump cut is a manipulation of temporal space using the duration of a single shot and fracturing the duration to move the audience ahead. A jump cut is a stylistic choice that makes the edit completely visible whereas most editing techniques are designed to hide the edit. They are still used in films very often and also by vloggers and youtubers.

Jump cuts can be used in montages, to amplify tension, to introduce characters, to accent mental states, in interviews, etc...

You can visit the follow link to know more and how to make better jump cuts, this is a video from Marcos Rocha :

How to Make Better Jump Cuts FROM Marcos Rocha

Also if you want to make some jump cuts really fast and want to save your time, you can use one of our plugin ‘AutoCut’

Here is a presentation of our plugin in the following link,

Autocut tutorial - How to use AutoCut to make Jump cuts

We hope you gained good knowledge about Jump cuts from this article of ours, please read the next one for some practical in premiere pro on jump cuts...

Thank you !