Jan 4, 2024

January Updates on AutoCut

We have developed numerous new features for AutoCut in January, including support for over 80 languages on AutoCut Captions, Resize AI, and the AutoCut Discord!


New AutoCut Captions Features:

  • Adding subtitles is now 100 times faster πŸš€
  • AutoCut Captions now supports over 80 languages 🀩
  • New step-by-step system for an improved user experience
  • Presets for easier adjustments
  • New continuous animation with a floating text effect
  • New transition effects for appearance: zoom in, blur in

Captions new UI

New AutoCut Silences Features:

  • Silence cuts are now 50% faster πŸš€
  • You can now use AutoCut Silences on sub-sequences 🀩

New Feature -> Resize AI:

  • Resize AI is a new feature of AutoCut that allows you to resize your clips to the desired format with one click, thanks to artificial intelligence!
  • Resize AI detects the subject's position in the video and, if the subject moves, the AI will automatically follow them to keep the subject centered in the video. This is perfect for converting a video from a horizontal format (YouTube, films, etc.) to a vertical format (TikTok, Reels, Shorts, etc.)!

ResizeAI UI

AutoCut Discord:

  • We have created an AutoCut Discord to allow you to share your videos edited with AutoCut, express your desires for new features, and enable the entire AutoCut team to help you if you need assistance with AutoCut! Feel free to join us, we are now over 200 on Discord!
  • Join the Discord

Discord AutoCut

Adrian Guery

Adrian Guery

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Adrian Guery

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February Updates on AutoCut

February Updates on AutoCut

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Adrian Guery

Adrian Guery

Feb 10, 2024

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