Feb 13, 2024

Mastering Text in Adobe Premiere Pro - A Comprehensive Guide

Elevate your video editing skills with our comprehensive guide to mastering text in Adobe Premiere Pro. Learn to add, style, and animate text with ease, enhancing your projects' visual appeal and communication. Whether you're creating subtitles or dynamic titles, this tutorial will walk you through all the essential steps and pro tips. Start making your texts stand out in your video edits today.


As a video editor, the power of text in your projects cannot be overstated. Whether it's for subtitles, titles, or callouts, text is an integral part of communicating effectively with your audience. Adobe Premiere Pro, a leading video editing software, offers versatile tools to add and manipulate text. In this article, we'll guide you through the process of adding and customizing text to ensure your videos stand out.

Adding Text

Step 1: Accessing the Text Tool

To start, open your project in Adobe Premiere Pro. In the toolbar, select the 'Type Tool' (or press the 'T' key). Click anywhere on the Program Monitor, the large viewing area in the center of the screen, and begin typing your text.

Step 2: Basic Text Editing

Once you have entered your text, it's time to make basic edits. With the text still selected, go to the 'Effect Controls' panel. Here, you can adjust the font, size, color, and alignment. You can also give your text a style boost by exploring the various 'Text' properties.

Styling Text

Step 1: Advanced Styling

For more advanced styling options, click on the 'Graphics' workspace at the top of your screen or open the 'Essential Graphics' panel. You'll find a broad range of options, including drop shadows, stroke, background, and more to enhance your text's appearance.

Step 2: Creating Text Presets

If you've created a style that you would like to reuse, you can save it as a preset. Simply right-click on the text layer in the 'Essential Graphics' panel and select 'Create Style...'. Later on, you can apply this preset to other text elements in your project.

Animating Text

Step 1: Keyframe Animation

To animate your text, select it and go to the 'Effect Controls' panel. Place the playhead where you want the animation to start, toggle the stopwatch icon beside any property like Position or Scale to create a keyframe, then move the playhead and change the value to create another keyframe.

Step 2: Motion Graphics Templates (MOGRTs)

For even more dynamic text animations, you can utilize Motion Graphics Templates. Find these templates in the 'Essential Graphics' panel and drag and drop one onto your timeline, which you can then customize to fit your project.

Tips for Professional Text

  • Balance is key; ensure your text stands out without overwhelming your visuals.
  • Mind the readability; choose clear, easy-to-read fonts and colors that contrast well with your background.
  • Be cautious with text animation; subtle movements often have more impact than complex animations.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Q: How do I align my text in Premiere Pro? A: Use the 'Align and Transform' tools in the 'Essential Graphics' panel to align your text horizontally or vertically.

Q: Can I import fonts into Premiere Pro? A: Yes, Premiere Pro supports most TrueType and OpenType fonts. Simply install the font on your computer, and it will be available in Premiere Pro.

Q: How do I add text behind an object in my video? A: Use the masking tool to create a mask around the object and adjust the text layer's position and scale to make it appear behind the object.

Q: Can text be copied from one project to another? A: Yes, you can copy text by right-clicking on the text layer in the timeline and selecting 'Copy'. Then, paste it into another project's timeline.

Remember, adding and manipulating text in Adobe Premiere Pro can greatly enhance your videos, providing additional context, or simply adding an aesthetic touch. Experiment with different styles and animations to see what best fits your project's mood and message.

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